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Lunch Box

6 x 2.4 Edison6 x 2.4 Edison Canada6 x 2.4 Soca6 x 2.4 Soca Canada10 x 1.210 x 1.2 Edison Canada12 x 1.212 x 1.2 Edison Canada

Single Channel Dimmers

2.4K Hand Squeezer6K12K24KSingle Channel Wireless Controller

Large Format Dimmers

3 x 123 x 12 Canada3 x 243 x 24 Canada6 x 6 Canada6 x 126 x 12 Canada12 x 2.412 x 2.4 Canada24 x 1.224 x 1.2 Canada24 Channel Led Compatible Wireless Controller

Power & Data Distribution

PDB 6PDB 8PDB 10PDB 10 CanadaPDF 10 Dual UniversePDB 12

Wireless DMX Control

Cintenna Battery RXCintenna RXCintenna RX Non BatteryCintenna TXAKS PlusAKS Plus / Cintenna 2 KitDMX iT / Cintenna 2 KitCintenna 4 KitAKS Plus / Cintenna 8 KitCintenna 10 KitLarge CaseSmall Case

Low Wattage Control

12 x 20012 x 200 International

Rolling Rack Control

6 x 2424 x 1248 x 2.4


AKS Plus Power SupplyCintenna Power SupplyAKS Plus 3 to 5 Pin DMX CableAKS Plus Redpark CableCintenna Non-Battery RX / TX AntennaAKS Plus / Battery Cintenna RX AntennaAKS Plus / Cintenna Battery RX Micro USBCintenna Non-Battery RX / TX Barrel USB2.4 Single Channel PowerCON to Edison Adapters


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